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Usage of Data
Envecto is a company that is committed to protecting your personal information. When you
interact with our website, your information is designed only to provide our services and
improve the user experience. When you use with us, you acknowledge that:

  1. We can use your personal information to contact you with relevant job and
    professional opportunities that fit your preferences.
  2. Suppose you publish the details of your LinkedIn account with us. In that case, the
    professional team has the option to modify it so that it aligns with industry norms
    and increases the impact of your profile.
  3. Your information is stored securely within our database. It is not shared with any
    third organizations for reasons unrelated to the products or services you’ve chosen
    to use. We aim to use your information responsibly to offer customized and robust
    professional services.
    Job Assurance
    While we’re dedicated to creating appealing profiles and resumes, It is important to
    remember that we cannot offer guarantees of job placement. The services we offer are meant
    to hone your job marketability. However, the final success in a job depends on many external
    Payment Details
    Envecto focuses on our customers’ security when making financial transactions. When you
    make payments on our website, you can be sure to follow these guidelines:
  4. We do not keep your passwords. Your login credentials and passwords you enter in
    the payment process are not stored on our system. This adds another layer of
    security while reducing the risks associated with unauthorized access.
  5. The Accuracy of the information provided The Accuracy of the information supplied
    Is vital to ensure that all data provided during the transaction procedure is accurate.
    Any inconsistencies could lead to problems with transactions, and Envecto cannot
    be held accountable for any such mistakes.
  6. Secure payment gateways: All financial transactions are handled through secure
    and reliable payment gateways. These gateways comply with the industry standard
    in encryption and data security and provide the security you require to make your
    Terms of Use
    In accessing our website and using any of our products, services, or facilities, you agree to
    be legally bound by the conditions set out in the following. In the event of a violation, it could
    lead to the cancellation of the use of our service. We urge you to know these terms to ensure
    a smooth service.
    Terms of Agreement
    After you have chosen the services we offer, you sign into a formal arrangement with Envecto.
    This document defines the details of the work to be done, the timeline, and other pertinent
    information. Review and confirm your understanding prior to commencing with our services.
    Cancellation or Refund Policy
    Some circumstances could arise that require you to cancel your order or request refunds for
    our services. We recommend that you carefully read our cancellation policy here:
  7. Refund Request Policy: Requesting an exchange is within ten days of submitting
    your order. This gives you ample time to review our products and make an informed
  8. Work Initiation: If we’ve begun work on your project and completed a part of the
    services and the order still needs to be completed, your payment will not be returned.
    This policy was put in place to pay you for time, effort, and money spent at the
    beginning of the project.
  9. Combo Packages Refund: For combo packs which include multiple items, you can
    claim an undeliverable refund of any items within the specific time frame for
    requesting a refund.
  10. Partial Delivery: If two or more items from a combination package are delivered, no
    refund will be given. This will ensure fair compensation for provided services.
    We are committed to excellence and will provide you unlimited revisions following the initial
    submission of the documents. Our goal is to guarantee you are delighted with the final result.
    90 Days Support
    Our dedication to your success goes beyond the fulfillment of your purchase. Be aware of the
    following information regarding our assistance:
  11. Support for Selected Experience Slab 1 year of support included in our services are
    valid for the slab you chose while placing an order. Support is individualized to the
    particular specifications and details of the profile within the selected slab.
  12. Profile Modifications to the Profile: Explore our Resume Writing Services, providing
    personalized content and layouts aligned with your professional narrative. Choose
    from our diverse template options, and once templet is selected and resume is
    ready, if you want to change templet then it will be additional cost.
  13. Aiming at Multiple Profiles: Remember that our support is intended to serve a
    specific profile within the specified experience slab. If you want to target different
    profiles, each will require a separate purchase to provide customized and efficient
    support for every professional profile.
    Shipping Policy
    Because it is primarily digital, it is not physically shipping required. All documents and other
    items that have been completed will be sent via email to the address that was provided in the
    process of placing an order.
    Our services are offered to businesses and individuals meeting the eligibility requirements.
    Envecto retains the right to deny service to anyone at any time, regardless of reason.
    Recruitment Consultancy Service/Corporate
    Additional terms and conditions could be in place for our consultancy in recruitment and
    corporate clients. They will be announced and negotiated in separate documents, which will
    address the specific characteristics of the services.
    External Links
    When browsing our site, You may come across hyperlinks to other websites. Envecto is not
    accountable for the privacy policies or content of these websites. You should read the
    conditions and terms of any other websites you access via our hyperlinks.